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0,75 LThis still water comes from Tuscany at the height of about 900 meters above sea level. The mountain area gives the water a soft and balanced taste99,- CZK


0,75 LThe best and most popular mineral water in the world is one of the French mineral water Evian. It comes from several sources near Évian-les-Bains, situated on the southern shore of Lake Geneva. To the market it has been introduced by the French multinational Danone Group and in 1978 bacame famous by the best American restaurants. And is favorite water for American and Eutopean celebrities.99,- CZK


1 LSan Benedetto traces to the Republic of Venice when it was he favourite of aristocratic Venetian families. The water tapped at the surface in Ancient times, is now drawn from 1000 feet below to ensure that all it’s original features are unchanged. San Benedetto trickles to it’s source from the glaciers of the Dolomites. A superior low - TDS delicacy.99,- CZK


1 LHistory of the Vittel began with French man Louis Bouloumié, who discovered Gérémoy healing spring in the small village of Vittel, situated in the very heart of the Vosges Mountains and which he bought in 1854. Vittel water already in the range of 20 to 40 years goes through the depths of the Vosges. Gone a long way and it guarantees the stability of the mineral and constant refreshing taste. Whether taste any bottle of Vittel water it’s quality is similar and constant.99,- CZK


0,75 LAt least a third of the daily intake of fluids should cover mineral water to supplement the level of important elements in the body. Best suited for long drinks regime are moderately mineralized water with a balanced ratio of macro-and micro-elements. To support the digestion is suitable mineral water consumption can be considered Mattoni.99,- CZK

Nealkoholické nápoje

0,33 LCoca-Cola45,- CZK
0,33 LCoca-Cola light45,- CZK
0,25 LTonic Schweppes45,- CZK
0,10 LCrodino60,- CZK
0,25 LCrodino Red Bull85,- CZK
0,33 LKofola45,- CZK
0,33 L45,- CZK
0,33 LFanta orange45,- CZK
0,25 LTonic Schweppes Bitter lemon45,- CZK
0,25 LTonic Schweppes Ginger Ale45,- CZK


0,33 LRajec neperlivá45,- CZK
0,33 LRajec jemně perlivá45,- CZK
0,33 LRajec perlivá45,- CZK
0,33 LMattoni perlivá45,- CZK

Pago Juice

0,20 LPomeranč, Jablko, Grapefruit, Multivitamín, Hruška, Jahoda, Rajče, Ananas, Černý rybíz55,- CZK


Horké nápoje

 Čaj Ronnefeldt English Breakfast50,- CZK
 Čaj Earl Grey50,- CZK
 Čaj Organic Green50,- CZK
 Čaj Jasmine Green50,- CZK
 Čaj Peppermint50,- CZK
 Čaj Lemon Sky50,- CZK
 Čaj Red Berries50,- CZK
 Čaj z čerstvé máty70,- CZK
 Čaj z čerstvého zázvoru70,- CZK
 Horká čokoláda45,- CZK




0,04 LBecherovka original70,- CZK
0,04 LFernet Stock70,- CZK
0,04 LJagermeister70,- CZK
0,04 LGrand Marnier100,- CZK
0,04 LBailey’s90,- CZK



0,04 LJohnnie Walker Red label90,- CZK
0,04 LJohnnie Walker Black label110,- CZK
0,04 LJameson100,- CZK
0,04 LJameson 12 years160,- CZK
0,04 LTullamore Dew90,- CZK
0,04 LTullamore Dew Single Malt 10 years140,- CZK
0,04 LLaphroaig Single Malt 10 years160,- CZK
0,04 LLagavulin Single Malt 16 years190,- CZK
0,04 LGlenfiddich 12 years150,- CZK
0,04 LBushmills90,- CZK
0,04 LBushmills Black Bush120,- CZK
0,04 LBushmills Malt 10 years150,- CZK
0,04 LBushmills Malt 16 years180,- CZK


0,04 LHennessy V.S.130,- CZK
0,04 LRemy Martin V.S.O.P.160,- CZK
0,04 LOtard V.S.O.P.170,- CZK
0,04 LCourvoisier V.S.O.P.130,- CZK
0,04 LCourvoisier X.O.140,- CZK
0,02 LGodet 21st Century175,- CZK
0,02 LArmagnac Lalanne X.O.90,- CZK
0,04 LArmagnac Lalanne V.S.O.P.110,- CZK

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